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I’ve moved!

I decided to move my blog to a new domain.

Please visit our family here.

You will need to sign up for the new RSS feed.  That is here.

I’m hoping to be able to update more, including recipes, reviews, chainmail, and, of course, family updates.


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Small update

1.  When do kids start having imaginary friends?  Matthew informed me while we were in a tool store that his friend Jack was following us around the store.  I thought he was telling me about my friend Jane’s son whom he played with a couple of weekends ago.  But, no, Jack rode in the car home with us, ran into CVS while I got Emma’s medication, and he played with Matthew yesterday afternoon before Jon got home from work.

2.  Jon’s effectively been laid off.  He works until May 1.  Anyone know of any Electrical Engineering jobs???

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Christmas contest

It’s time for another spectacular Christmas contest at 5minutesformom. There are so many things to win. Everyone should go check it out!  Click on the picture below.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband!!  He turns 31 today.  While I was sorry it was so uneventful, he was happy to just spend it with his family.  He did tease me a bit about the delicious meal I made him for dinner, which consisted of leftovers from Matthew’s dinner over the weekend from Steak-and-Ale and a salad.  I suggested we go to Fuddruckers over the weekend, something I doubt he’ll turn down.


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Traveling with kids.

If you have kids, these look like great things to travel with. Go over to and enter this drawing.

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Chicco stroller

Another contest from This time it’s a Chicco stroller. Go over and check it out –> link.

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