We had dentist appointments today.  We had a new hygenist,Erin, and as luck would have it, she also works at another office that does pediatrics.  Previously, I was told by the office that they would start seeing kids at age 4, but since we finished early, she offered to take a look at Matthew’s teeth.  So Matthew got his teeth all scraped, cleaned, and the flouride put on.

And he loved it!  He told Jon “That was so much fun!” and then he ran over to tell me the same thing.  He was thrilled.  He got to watch the entire thing since they had a mirror that Jon held.  The spit-sucker thing was one of his favorite things.  And then there was the tickle toothbrush…and the vitamin bubbles (flouride).  And then there were the prizes when he was all done.   Erin let him have 2, a frog and a paper airplane, and she gave him an Eeyore toothbrush.  We got a picture.  As soon as I get a chance to scan it, I’ll post it.


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